ART/WORK: Sharon Lynn and the Path Taken

EDITOR’S NOTE: WestVirginiaVille is glad to feature new work by Sharon Lynn. She displays her art regularly on social media and it is a pleasure watching her work unfold. Expressionistic images mix with evocative figures spotlighted in enigmatic settings, hinted at but never completely revealed. Her range and frequency is all the more remarkable in that she is a full-time clinical mental health counseling graduate student at Marshall University, a disability advocate, and writer. See more of her work at Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Artwork by Sharon Lynn

By SHARON LYN | For | aug2.2021

I have been developing a new series. In this series, there is an individual (or a few individuals, who have some relationship) on a path. The path is clearly visible. The narrative is all there in the details: whether the person is facing the viewer, turning away, starting on the path or at the end of it.

Artwork by Sharon Lynn

The underlying thread is about the life cycle and the choices we make which direct our paths. The series started with the very small toddler child in socks standing before the railed walkway. This image reminded me of kindergarten and the structured path of public school — how it begins, how that evolves. The child learns as much about him or herself as they do about school and/or the world. 

Artwork by Sharon Lynn

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See more of Sharon Lyn’s work at:

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