5 THINGS | 1 Painting; 1 Bridge; 1 Hospital; 1 Poster & 1 Sign

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1 | A Change Is Gonna Come

“seasons changing” by Sharon Lynn Stackpole.

Sharon Lynn Stackpole has been featured before on this site: here and here. If you’re on Twitter, you really should be following her to spice up the aesthetic of your timeline. Sharon is a clinical mental health counseling graduate student at Marshall University, a disability advocate, artist and writer. See more of her work at sharonlyn.com and also in the Summer 2016 issue of Longridge Review.

2 | A Bridge With a View

Sean O’Leary does essential work with the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy. Which is why we’re printing a stellar photo he took of the New River Gorge in Fayetteville WV. The man deserves props not just for chartoholic work and research which seeks to “advance the well-being of West Virginia communities,” as the group’s site puts it. | Follow him on Twitter.

3 | A Line in the Sky

Cabell-Huntington Hospital, October 2020. | WestVirginiaVille.com colorized photo.

When the news is so full of propaganda, misdirection and maddening lies, sometime the clean lines and forthright clarity of good architecture communicate a soothing vibe. Here’s Cabell-Huntington Hospital in Huntington WV, at dusk.| westvirginiaville.com colorized photo

4 | A Line in the Sand

Colleen Anderson is a poet, artist, graphic designer, businesswoman and musician, among other things. And, in the case above, a poster artisan for GOTV this tumultuous election season. We’d seen a variation on this theme on a yard sign posted to Twitter—which made use of a 1950s magazine ad. We suggested she give it a go. A week later, this appeared in our in-box. Cool. If it works for you, toss it in the deep end of your social media pool.

5 | Let the Pepperoni Roll

From somewhere in the wilds of West Virginia.

We’re unsure of the locale of this yard sign since someone posted it to a ‘WV for Biden‘ social media site and it got re-posted to Twitter. But this outrage—if it’s true—could move some votes in the West Virginia heartland. Even if it’s fake news.


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