ART/WORK: A video gaze at new work by Sharon Lyn


Video production by AMP Media. | Copyright 2021

EDITOR’S NOTE: You wouldn’t think Twitter would be a place to watch an artist’s development. But that would be the case with West Virginia artist Sharon Lyn. Almost daily, she posts her artwork there. It has been a pure delight watching her recent explorations, ranging from figurative depictions of the human form to layered ornamentation of evocative skyscapes that add new depth and complexity to each work.

We’ve featured her work before, here and here. I will leave to more seasoned artistic observers a deeper interpretation of the motifs she explores. I will say that there is a lot going on in the faces and forms of the figures she depicts. She routinely depicts both girls and women. They clutch themselves at one moment or stare into the middle distance, wrestling, it appears with some history of pain or trauma. But then her figures toss their heads back or fly through the air on swings, appearing momentarily self-possessed, as if thunderclouds had parted, casting spears of sunlight onto the depicted moment.

See more of Sharon Lyn’s work at:

Artwork by Sharon Lyn.

Her work is worthy of a full gallery show and serious art review attention. That is all the more so given that she is producing such notable work while a clinical mental health counseling graduate student at Marshall University, a disability advocate, and a writer. ~ Douglas John Imbrogno


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