VIDEOS: The Pillars of the WV Climate Alliance

CLICK BELOW TO VIEW: “The Three Pillars of the WV Climate Alliance”
“The Three Pillars” of the WV Climate Alliance. CLICK TO VIEW

Early in 2021, I began working as a part-time communications consultant for the West Virginia Climate Alliance, a coalition of nearly 20 West Virginia-based environmental organizations, faith-based, civil rights and civic groups with a focus on climate change. We have begun releasing a series of short videos, including a just-finished one (above) which describes the three pillars that drive Climate Alliance efforts.

Since we work cheap, that is me narrating the 1 minute, 30-second video. The gorgeous aerial photography of West Virginia is by my AMP Media partner and creative wunderkind, Bobby Lee Messer. (And if you ever have need of drone photography of West Virginia, contact him via the AMP Media page. He has quite a growing library.)

With Alliance videos, we aim to put a face on the growing number of folks who are striving to address, as the new video puts it, “the most important and essential work of these times.” Below is a video that kicked off the series. It poses an important question to climate activists or, really, to anyone who has woken up to how we must move quickly and at a global scale to address the climate crisis. ~ Douglas John Imbrogno

CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO: “Why do you care about the climate crisis?”

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NATUREGRAM: Two minutes of nothing but pines: march13.2021: We can’t share with you the sweet aroma of a stand of pine trees in Putnam County, West Virginia. But we can share with you the experience of standing among them. A new WestVirginiiaVille shelter-in-nature short video.

ARTSHOW: ‘How Do You Serve the Ice?’: feb25.2021: How do you shoot, process, and filter photographs of an ice storm for the ages? How about art-ifying them? How much is too much? Our humble attempts to portray the Great Winter Ice Storm of 2021.

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NATUREGRAM: January Stroll Under an Azure Sky: jan14.2021: The dried out, frosty marshlands are not really absent of life and color. You just have to hang out and look and listen more closely as you stroll the woods and walkways beside the Ohio in western West Virginia.

VIDEO: The debut of “Animals in Appalachia” with “Deer Me”: dec22.2020: In the start of a new short video series, “Animals in Appalachia” by, a mother deer puts her foot down as she momentarily loses track of her two fawns.

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