PHOTOSHOW: A high-up visit to Robert Singleton’s West Virginia studio

Robert Singleton at work in his studio atop a ridge in West Virginia. | Photo copyright 2021 by Douglas John Imbrogno

Painter Robert Singleton who lives in Baker, W.Va., is on a roll. It is all the more impressive in that this current roll comes at the age of 83. Singleton, who has lived and painted in an airy, mountaintop home near Lost River, W.Va., since 1979, will host an Open House exhibition of more than a dozen new works on Aug. 14-15 and 22, as well as new artwork by Dan Morro. Visit his website for details and more of his work.

In 2022, Singleton will be honored as a Tamarack Foundation for the Arts Master Artist, including a show of his work in March 2022, at the Stifel Fine Arts Center in Wheeling WV. He has said the following of his home and studio high on a ridge in the Allegheny Mountains of Hardy County, WV:

“I am a West Virginian by choice. I carefully chose a remote mountaintop where there is a richness of:

  • PRIVACY, no interruptions, devoid of all man-made distractions;
  • TIME, to work, to be introspective;
  • SPACE, to breathe freely and search for answers.”

AMP Media and WestVirginiaVille are currently shooting a documentary on the painter’s storied life and work, titled: “HOUSE IN THE CLOUDS: The Artistic Life of Robert Singleton.” For news of the documentary’s release, including premieres in West Virginia, Washington, D.C., and elsewhere, free subscribe to WestVirginiaVille’s free newsletter at:


NOTE: These photographs of Robert are not for download or publication unless through arrangement with Media. For more information, e-mail: or use our CONTACT page. All photos were taken at Robert’s home in July 2021. Photos by Douglas John Imbrogno. CLICK TO ENLARGE


The Cloud Painter and the Berlin Musician: Robert Singleton had settled on painting clouds. Then, he stopped, hollowed out by too many deaths helping dying friends from his training with Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. One day, a German musician stumbled on his site. And everything changed.

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    This is an extraordinary set of images. Portraits can be difficult. It is a challenge to capture someone’s true essence. People photography requires not only good image making but the ability to connect with folks. You did it well. I look forward to the documentary.

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