ONE/PHOTO: What the thistle tells

Photo by Water Light

Above is one of the many stellar up-close-and-personal photos from Nature shared on the Instagram account of Water Light. The West Virginia native describes herself as “an Appalachian musician, herbalist, poet and a mystic who devotes her presence to peace, children, healing, and love.” Below are the words that accompanied her thistle portrait, as each of her posts includes rooted, informative, and insightful commentary.

By Water Light

the ants quickly took to the milk thistle this year. her bloom doesn’t last long. maybe two days. they seem to be in sync with this knowing, almost as if there is a pulse they can feel when she begins her bloom. her vibrance is unmatched to any other flower, by far. she is a self seeding annual. the marvelous wonder about self seeding plants is that you have to let the flower head wilt and die at her own pace. it is a relationship of patience. as a plant steward, you learn to allow a plant to move through her all of her phases naturally. if you clip the head too soon, she won’t produce seeds. but if you wait, eventually, her bloom will dry and drop to the ground. if you are lucky, you might get another cycle of bloom in the fall, but if winter comes early, you will have to wait another year to see this beauty come to life. even for just two days of sheer beauty, the wait is always worth it. we can give ourselves the same grace to move through our phases in life: our emotions, our healing, our moods, our energy levels. we are ever changing, as well. if there is one truth plants have gifted me this year, it is that there is a sweet beauty in all cycles of life. if you are struggling with where you are in life right now, just know that if you allow your life time and open yourself to appreciating the present, you will transform again and again. I promise


We recommend to you Water Light’s Instagram account at Screen capturing just a couple of week’s worth of her posts will show her roving eye for Nature’s wonderment:


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