NATUREGRAM: Two minutes of nothing but pines, plus some calming music

“Pineforest Panegyric”: CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO

“Pineforest Panegyric,” an original video. | An AMP Multimedia production.

If you could use two peaceful minutes in a West Virginia pine stand, here is WestVirginiaVille’s latest NatureGram, part of our occasional series of full-immersion, shelter-in-nature, somewhere-in-West Virginia videos. (PS: This is our first ever time getting to user the word: ‘panegyric.’ We may now cross that off our vocabulary Bucket List.)

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VIDEO: “Chasing Birds in Snow”: feb10.2021: Take a 2-minute excursion into the heart of the heart of Nature, as a bunch of birds play leapfrog in the midst of a West Virginia snow squall.

NATUREGRAM: January Stroll Under an Azure Sky: jan14.2021: The dried out, frosty marshlands are not really absent of life and color. You just have to hang out and look and listen more closely as you stroll the woods and walkways beside the Ohio in western West Virginia.

VIDEO: The debut of “Animals in Appalachia” with “Deer Me”: dec22.2020: In the start of a new short video series, “Animals in Appalachia” by, a mother deer puts her foot down as she momentarily loses track of her two fawns.

NATUREGRAM | 10 Variations on a West Virginia Ginkgo: nov20.2020: It is an auspicious place, this former plantation and home to more than 50 slaves before West Virginia ever came to be. But on this Autumn Appalachian day, the ginkgo biloba trees recall a more illuminated present.

READINGS | A Stroll Deep into a West Virginia Marsh: If it’s true we are mother, father, sister, brother, related all to all, maybe that’s one way to comprehend and befriend the ten thousand things. The hundreds of voices, cries, and songs rising from this manifold marsh.

NATUREGRAM 1 | Sheltering-in-Nature during a Pandemic: june26.2020: Could you use some Canadian geese, chuckling water and scenes of nature not trying to sell you something? Here is a WestVirginiaVille Public Service Mental Health Pandemic Video.

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