NATUREGRAM 1 | Sheltering-in-Nature during a Pandemic photograph

I assume a not-insignificant number of people reading this post may not have ready access to Canadian geese and marshlands. Or—if an urban apartment dweller—even the sound of chirpy birds. So, for those in domestic hoosegow, without ready access to the full-immersion experience of woods, trees and water, WestVirginiaVille offers up some quarantine relief.

Here is the first edition of a Pandemic Mental Health Video Series: ‘NatureGrams.’

While West Virginia may lack a functioning progressive Legislature, full-time governor, positive reputation outside its borders and major league baseball team, it does not lack for Nature.

It’s everywhere out there. Were I to leave my front door and leap into my car in the driveway, in 15 minutes I could be walking beside a river whose name—’Ohio‘—comes from the Iroquois word for “good river.”

Right beside that good river is a lovely marsh. It’s chock full of croaking, squacking, lapping, windy sounds. The sounds and sights are just right for soothing a soul scalded by too much time on Twitter. Or avoiding Facebook posts by high school friends who lean more toward drinking the Kool-Aid than tuning into Live-Aid.

All the video clips in this 1-minute video are of certified organic West Virginia origin, as determined by the WestVirginiaVille Organic Imagery Cooperative.

Take a breath. Now, take another. PS: Before you watch, we suggest turning off your cellphone.

CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO: “NatureGram: Silence Rules”
“NatureGram: Silence Rules” is a original video.

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