ONE WORK: “Misconceptions” and Angry Black Mothers

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“One Work” focuses on a single piece of creativity created, concocted or channeled by someone with a connection to West Virginia.

By Lady D | feb14.2021

After the murder of George Floyd, I began working on canvas as another outlet for the many emotions I was dealing with at the time. I was originally going to call this piece, “Angry Black Woman” because it was pretty obvious by the hair.

Lady D

Then, I decided on “Misconceptions” because that’s how most Black women are viewed. It is a misconception that seems to have been perpetrated by a society that not only de-values us, but also fears our male children. Thus, the baby’s hair says “threat.” The place that I was in emotionally at the time was one where I wanted to represent the love and nurturing of a Black mother for her son, but also, she really IS angry because of the state of the world that he’s been born into. |

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ONE WORK |”Misconceptions” by Lady D

“Misconceptions” by Lady D.


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