EDITORIAL: An Open Letter to Shelley Moore Capito

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UPDATE, feb14.2021:

What Mrs. Moore Capito likely woke up thinking the day after her vote in the impeachment trial of Donald Trump. NOTE: As she failed to live up to her Constitutional oath to represent the interests of the Republic, WestVirginiaVille henceforth will be referring to her as ‘Mrs. Moore Capito.’

Dear Sen. Capito: Greetings. I am a long-time constituent of yours for your entire Senate service, writing about how you choose to vote in the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump. I am a bleeding-heart progressive, who has been a vocal, multimedia critic of yours. Yet I write now as a fellow West Virginian and parent.

It is the mother, the grandmother, the fellow West Virginian, to whom this open letter is addressed. And to the legislator who — bravo to you — chose to certify the electoral college results, and who, after much delay, finally acknowledged the Biden-Harris administration.

That woman, that citizen.

Having watched videos of the rabid horde, full of bloodlust, rampaging through the halls of the Congress where you’ve spent your legislative life, how can you vote to acquit the man solely responsible for inciting that mob?

“They were gonna hurt people no matter whether there was a ‘D’ or ‘R’ beside their name.”

~ Sen. Chris Murphy on “All In With Chris Hayes,” feb11.2021

It could have been you. It could have been your family that had its heart ripped out, as did the family of Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick, murdered by these domestic terrorists. How can you not be disturbed and alarmed by how the former president stoked the mob’s rage against his own vice president?

“They were gonna hurt people no matter whether there was a ‘D’ or ‘R’ beside their name,” your Senate colleague Chris Murphy told Chris Hayes.

This open letter will be online long after you have cast your lot for or against the conviction of a wanna-be-autocrat, willing to cheerlead a horde that ransacked the seat of U.S. government, hungry to brutalize or kill whatever Congress people they could find.

Your vote will be attached to the Moore Capito name for as long as you live and beyond. Which will it be?

Either: Shelley Moore Capito stood for a president willing to launch a vicious gang like a volley of Cruise missiles at the heart of the U.S. Capitol.

Or: Shelley Moore Capito did the right thing in the final pinch and voted to impeach such a man.

I am a political opponent, to be sure. But the vote you decide to make transcends the Left-Right, Liberal-Conservative chasm in America. I will be glad to be able to give you props and respect if you stand up and do the right thing, right now. I hope the same can be said for anyone else who signs on to this open letter or passes it on.

Send a message to families, to mothers, parents and grandparents, that some things, some actions, some brutalities will not stand.

Douglas John Imbrogno


CALL: 202-224-6472 (in Washington DC) or 304-347-5372 (Charleston WV).

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