UNSCRIPTED No. 1| Trump’s Good Karma

“Trumpty Dumpty and the Great Wall” by Chet Lowther | chetlowther.com

Welcome to the debut of “Unscripted,” a new and occasional WestVirginiaVille video series. The idea is to put someone in front of a video camera and have them riff on a contemporary topic, plus respond to questions from wvville chief videographer Bobby Lee Messer.

A word about the genesis of this initial offering. Since I’ve been working with Bobby Lee on videos that pre-dated the soft launch of WestVirginiaVille in May, he has hectored, cajoled, heckled, and pleaded to film me riff on some current topic while also responding to off-camera prompts. The premise is to shoot about 10- to 15-minutes worth of riffs and prompts. Then, he’d work it up into something.

Ok. No.

Nah. Bobby Lee, I don’t wanna be an “on-air” personality! No. Ok, maybe just once, let’s see how it works out. I’ve had second thoughts …. Alright, alright, alright, alright!

Here, then, is “Unscripted No. 1: Trump’s Good Karma.” I must admit, Bobby Lee did an impressive job with me winging it. (I love the snowstorm of ‘thats‘!) I almost sound like I may have a vague idea of even knowing what I am talking about.

Unscripted No. 1 | “Trump’s Good Karma” | A WestVirginiaVille.com video

P.S.: Dear Diehard Trump Supporters

You be you. I wish your man had someone who loved him enough to get him off the stage, before he implodes or we implode. Or both.

P.S.S.: Dear People Experiencing Voter’s Remorse for Their First Trump Vote

This one’s for you. No matter what your social or family circle may be pressing you to do in November, 2020, you’re alone with your ballot, either mail-in or in-person. What would your Grandma say about voting for Trump again after all he has said and done—and not done? And if your Grandma voted for Trump and will vote for him again, I’d check out RentAGrandma.com.

Be well, stay safe, And wear a mask out in public like a superheroine or superhero. The virus hasn’t gone anywhere. It will still be happy to kill you, me, your grandma or your Rent-A-Grandma. ~ Douglas John Imbrogno

Trumpty Dumpty’s Great Fall,” by Chet Lowther | instagram.com/chetlowtherart


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