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Colleen Anderson has carved out a space in contemporary political commentary occupied by few others. The Charleston, WV writer, graphic designer and artist keeps churning out a brilliant stream of bulls-eye Molotov limericks. Her words are aimed straight at the softest spots of Donald Trump’s long-haul campaign to sow division, distrust, and discord across the land.

Below is a triptych of three of her latest mini-masterpieces that I’ve animated. First, here is the text of the limericks in order, followed by the video of them. NOTE: Colleen does not title her limericks. I have done so so as to better introduce them in the video flow. Enjoy! ~ Douglas John Imbrogno

Infections increase in our nation,
But Trumpsters demand liberation,
Refusing to see,
While they’re blithe and free,
The virus is not on vacation.

In case the distinctions get blurred,
One difference should not be obscured:
Joe Biden’s not young,
But Trump is among
Those old guys who never matured.

Now Trump is ranting and railing
He’ll sue ‘cause his numbers are trailing.
So he’ll have some big rallies
That raise virus tallies.
He’s an absolute artist at failing.

Three Animated Op-Ed Limericks. | june 15.2020 | A collaboration between Colleen Anderson & Douglas John Imbrogno

A NOTE ABOUT THE ANIMATIONS: Attempting to animate Colleen’s stellar word-play has been a real treat. Not the least reason being is that each time I try, I learn new tricks and capabilities in the Final Cut Pro X video editing program I use. These are not animations, per se, using a straight-up animation program. I am using a lot of dissolves, layered imagery, and FCPX built-in transitions to accomplish an ersatz animation effect. I’m, at least, having fun. I hope you do, too, in between the serious messaging at the heart of Colleen’s biting words.

Lucas the Flow, performing at the 2019 Culturefest World Music Festival in Pipestem WV

Lest I forget, a shout-out to Lucas the Flow, whose music—from moody and ethereal, to cinematic and edgy—powers these animated limericks. I knew him way back when. Really way back when. For more of his sounds, visit soundcloud.com/luscasthflow. And if you’re a composer, soundtrack-maker, or filmmaker, check out his “Glitch Hop Laboratory,” a sample pack of sounds released recently by Mask Movement Samples, which describes it as “an extraordinary collection of sounds for Glitch Hop, Hip-Hop, Neurofunk, Dubstep, Trap and other similar electronic music genres.” You can buy it at this link.


5 QUESTIONS: Colleen Anderson on the Art of the Op-Ed Limerick: may28.2020 | Colleen Anderson is a leading light in the Op-Ed Limerick Movement of the Trump Era. We’re actually unsure whether anyone else writes Molotov limericks in response to the daily depredations of Trump and his minions and toadies. We had ‘5 Questions’ for her.

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