VIDEO: A Sky-high View of the New River Gorge Bridge

The New River Gorge Bridge is one of West Virginia’s most iconic landmarks. Countless photographs and videos show the dramatic 3,030-foot long span as it vaults in sunlight, casting steel girders almost 900 feet above the frothy waters of the New River. Or the bridge is seen against blues skies and tumbling clouds, framed by the craggy grandeur of the gorge.

Recently, WestVirginiaVille chief videographer Bobby Lee Messer headed to the gorge on an overcast day, arriving as a snowstorm began to blow through. Armed with our new drone, he shot some different footage of the bridge. Then, he crafted and recorded an original piece of music as soundtrack. We present this short video to “complicate the narrative,” as they say—meaning to add different complexities to a familiar story.

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“The Coming Storm,” an original Bobby Lee Messer for


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