TRAILER: A Peek at “Bye-Bye, Stonewall” mini-doc

Bobby Lee Messer and I have been covering much of the back-and-forth on the renaming of Stonewall Jackson Middle School in West Virginia’s capital city. News headlines and TV anchors noted that on July 6, the Kanawha County Board of Education agreed unanimously—5-0—to rename the school in the heart of a Black community on Charleston’s West Side.

It might seem like this was an instant, local response to the turmoil and tsunami of protest across America in the wake of the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers on May 25, 2020.



In fact, efforts had been undertaken years before to pull the name off the school of one of the Confederate Army’s most successful commanders. (In a deadly 1862 battle in Harper’s Ferry, Jackson secured the largest surrender of U.S. troops in the Civil War.)

Marshall University scholar and humanitarian, Dr. Gregg Suzanne Ferguson, had raised the matter to the school board as far back as 2015. She was told, in effect: “Are you crazy, woman?” That’s not an actual quote. But you get the sense of the incredulity with which she was met, when you talk to her about that unsuccessful effort.

But more of that once we get our mini-documentary done, titled “Bye-Bye, Stonewall.” The trailer features a flavor of her comments and those of Bishop Wayne Crozier of Abundant Life Ministries on Charleston’s West Side. The bishop joined the battle recently, but lent his ample ministerial gravitas and that of other West Side religious figures, black and white, to the successful effort.

Trailer for “Bye-Bye, Stonewall,” a mini-doc production of


The school board has yet to announce how they’ll choose a new name. But the documentary details efforts by Crozier and others to come up with a short list of notable figures in African-American history, from long ago and not-so-long ago.

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~ Douglas John Imbrogno, WestVirginiaVille editor and co-founder


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