“Fiery Thoughts” by Douglas John Imbrogno

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“Fiery Thoughts”

By Douglas John Imbrogno

I am a devoted householder
& secret reprobate.
I am an insomniac &
daring dreamer.

I am eternal &
dying as we speak.
I am a teller of truths
& serial liar, too.

I am handsome & as
ugly as spoiled fruit.
I am a poet & a loser.
I have been a saint &

demon, too, stalking
moonless roads.
I am in love with you
& in love with me.

Also, I hate myself.
I am a possible monk
& an utter failure.
I am hysterical &

Just as often sublime.
I am full of shite,
as the Irish like to say,
& know also where

the Muses hang.
I have not succeeded at
Life, & Life, that bastard,
has not succeeded at me —

hence, a Truce.
I do not believe in God
although I think She
believes in Me.

I nearly died once, no,
thrice, by my own hand.
Now, that hand makes a
mean bowl of penne pasta.

I am OK,
then weeping like a fool.
Gnashing my yellow teeth.
I am stuporous,

then awake, & one with
the moon rising above
the deer-strewn hills.
I am your friend,

though sometimes I
am not my friend.
I hear the music
of the spheres & the

7 a.m. arrival of the
city garbage truck, chewing
all my trash & muck,
taking it away & out of sight

Douglas John Imbrogno is a writer, editor, wayward web publisher, weekend singer-songwriter, and cat-herder, who strolls & scrolls the hills and vales of West Virginia and beyond, in search of places where he can view the wind.

WEBSITE: TheStoryIsTheThing

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