A Poetry Sampler from D. Scot Miller

“The New Body”

From inside this chrysalis
we will emerge
skins, burnished
almond brown

soft green light
into our pores.

“Afro-surreal Generation”


The energy went to building Tupac and Biggie Smalls

Pez dispensers,

Sun Ra and Henry Dumas facing each other

on a palette of twilight,

Derby hats, burkas and


And remember its thronged


The pressing of face and corpuscular beat. The rush

to connect to

those eyes,

that coat,

those sandals,

tattooed knuckles.

Wonder how much done for


How much done for

lack of.


Her father was

her husband. He’d

call before he’d visit.

‘cause I’m a black boy kissing

her pink face, flushed.


hide in the attic

in my boxers.

I had no idea what damage I was doing

to myself.

His furrowed voice


the smell of our sex



as walls filled with muffled new moans reverberated

inconclusive evidence.

I did not know who was getting screwed or why.

He’d leave and

she and

her mother and

me would laugh at

the cuckold


Once a week,

for years,

I’d fall in love with revenge.

Skewered on the

picket fence.


Awakened brother catatonic

deified expletive

flayed gargoyle

heathen icon

jack-of-all-trades jaded jalouse jargon

jejune jewelry jiggle joker jockey

jouissance journeyman juvenile joyride

jubilee juke jump juncture juxtapose

karmakennel lefthandedleitmotif

machismomania nabobnarcosis

obtuse patina

quirky razor satyr

tightlipped usher

village wand

Xenophobe Y Zerosumgame

D. Scot Miller was raised in Dunbar, WV, and began his 30-year journalism career as a columnist for the Charleston Gazette. He is Managing Editor of The East Bay Express, former Associate Editor of Oakland Magazine and Alameda Magazine, Columnist-In-Residence at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s Open Space, Advisory Board Member of Nocturnes Journal of Literary Arts, and regular contributor to several newspapers, websites and magazines. He is the founder of The Afrosurreal Arts Movement through his publication of The Afrosurreal Manifesto in The San Francisco Bay Guardian in 2009.

LINKTREE: linktr.ee/Afrosurreal
SFMoMA SITE: openspace.sfmoma.org/author/dscotmiller/


5 QUESTIONS: From West Virginia to the San Francisco Bay and beyond: September 1, 2022: D. Scot Miller was a bright student from Dunbar, West Virginia, considered transgressive in class as he had a vision of how things might be better. What happened next bounced him to the other side of the country and a lively career as a writer, poet, thinker, and creator of The Afrosurreal Manifesto.

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