MAN/MADE: A brief meditation on ‘Reflected Glory’

‘Reflected Glory.’ | Charleston WV skyscraper. | photo, may2022

West Virginia is not just all rolling green hills and shady hollers. “MAN/MADE” is an occasional news series on the Mountain State’s built environment.

Text & Images by Douglas John Imbrogno

I may be obsessed with the way this glass-wall skyscraper in Charleston WV tries to re-define the sky. So — why? All my shots of this skyscraper are quick ones, snapped as a I slow down in the middle of the road that fronts the Town Center Mall. My rapid Iphoneography out my driver’s side window lasts as long as there is no car pulled up to my bumper, wondering at the country bumpkin pointing his phone at a shiny building.

‘LOOKING UP: 4 Variations on a Charleston WV Skyscraper When I Need a Break From Looking at News.’ | | may2022

This skyscraper is rife with high-ticket attorneys. I’ve been in their well-appointed offices, which occupy multiple floors high in the sky. They probably control way too much of the life and times of West Virginia. That doesn’t interest me in this moment.

Maybe I am also trying to distract myself from the drumbeat headlines of war crimes around every corner and intersection in Ukraine, a war mastminded by a Moscow sociopath. Plus, an American political party which seems less like a party and more like a cabal in search of a regime.

There’s nothing wrong with looking up when you are wearied from looking down. Especially when the eye — in a time of disorder — seeks pleasure and a moment’s peace in comprehending the ordering of things.

‘LOOKING UP: 4 Variations on a Charleston WV Skyscraper When I Need a Break From Looking at News.’ | | may2022

And, maybe, come to think of it, the appeal of this reflective, refractive building has to do with its conversation with its surroundings. It is the constant hand-off between the sinuous, cursive, and unordered pageantry of blue-sky clouds in contrast with the regimented homogeneity of the skyscraper’s claims upon the sky. Which it cannot control, after all!

As the clouds move and morph, the fractal sky captured by the skyscraper’s thousand windows cannot be held in place. And, so, each square of this imposing building’s many-eyed frontage is like a channel-surfing TV screen, displaying constant motion.

As a result, the gravitas and massive bluntness of the building is also animated and reclaimed by the sky. Which, after all, will outlast the building’s majestic claims of authority, slinky legal acumen, and dominance.

In the end.

‘LOOKING UP: 4 Variations on a Charleston WV Skyscraper When I Need a Break From Looking at News.’ | | may2022

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MAN/MADE: A brief meditation on ‘Reflected Glory’: A brief meditation on a shiny object in West Virginia’s capital city.

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