A video visit to Covid-19 testing in an African-American community

“Put to the Test”: A WestVirginiaVille.com Video

This past weekend, a free Covid-19 testing site was set up in the heart of an African-American community in Huntington, WV. WestVirginiaville covered it as our debut story: “Bringing Covid-19 Testing Home to a Huntington WV Community.” It took us a few days to finish the video which you can view above. (We’re just two guys in the field at the moment, plus a newly appointed Minister of Paragraphs.)

The video remains timely.

The testing was open to all. WestVirginiaVille co-editor Douglas John Imbrogno had his nostrils poked into, as did videographer Bobby Lee Messer. (It was quick and only briefly uncomfortable.) But part of the aim of the event was to get the measure of the impact of the virus on low-income and specifically African-American communities in one Appalachian city. Read more about that in the story.

We need much more testing to size up Covid-19, and also why it disproportionally affects low-income and minority communities. As a heedless—and federally leader-less—re-opening of the American economy proceeds, who knows how many more tragedies unfold of the sort described by Vic Simpson and Pastor Dr. James Redd, Jr., of Huntington’s Sixteenth Street Baptist Church.

We encourage social media sharing of the video and story to get the word out about testing in the state and beyond.

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