WestVirginiaVille.com is a web magazine, launched in April 2020, by Douglas John Imbrogno, a lifelong storyteller in word and imagery. The folks behind this site are also a small, creative independent multimedia production crew, connected with other creatives around West Virginia and the world. Our chief videographer, Bobby Lee Messer, of Messer Media based in Huntington, WV, has decades of experience in shooting and producing affordable video storytelling with heart and style.

Our production skills are available for reasonable cost in producing videos, mini-documentaries, slideshows,  and wherever else multimedia storytelling is headed. The tools change, but the need for clear, evocative tale-telling hasn’t changed since the communal fires around which the art of the story began.

Give us a shout through this site’s ‘Contact’ page or e-mail me directly at douglasjohnmartin AT icloud.com, and let’s discuss, if you have multimedia projects you’d like done at a fair cost. 

Douglas Imbrogno | WestVirginiaVille.com

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