Multimedia Production & Training

Greetings. is a production of, a boutique multimedia production house and also a showcase of my work in video production, mini-documentaries, slideshows and wherever else multimedia storytelling is headed. The tools change, but the need for clear, evocative tale-telling, whether feature stories and profiles, documentary work or narrative tales, hasn’t changed since the communal fires around which the art of the story began.

At TheWebTheater, you’ll find ultra-short videos, narrative videos,  business profiles, audio slideshows plus ‘mini-docs’ or mini-documentary style profiles like  the one onthe mysterious paintings in a 19th century farmhouse. Or a universal family tale of immigration from the Southern Italian hills. Or how the Charleston Gazette-Mail won its 2017 Pulitzer Prize. Or crowdsourced videos on the unfolding of the 2018 West Virginia Teacher Strike, as seen hereand here. We even cover elephant sightings in Appalachia as well as why art can’t hurt you.

The site features much work I did for years at the Pulitzer Prize-winning Charleston Gazette-Mail in Charleston, W.Va., I no longer work there, part of the great wave of layoffs moving through the industry, but a change that has been liberating for me, as described in this Columbia Journalism Review article  I wrote, about crowdsourcing video.  The site also features multimedia work done for other individuals, groups, music videos, professional organizations and other side features and passion projects.

Just give me a shout and let’s discuss if you have multimedia projects you’d like done at a reasonable cost. I am also available for training in social media video shooting, having racked up millions of views of my work on Facebook and YouTube. I also offer low-cost (sometimes no-cost) services to budget-stressed non-profits doing the work of the angels.

I am a proponent of ‘lo-fi media,’ as a means of producing great work without the stress of madly morphing techno-change. What is ‘lo-fi media’? Manifesto to come since it’s always fun having a manifesto.

Thanks for stopping by!
Douglas Imbrogno | Founding Producer