PRESS RELEASE: Our ‘Office of Soundwaves’ Ministers Up


Village of WestVirginiaVille Announces Appointment of Kyle Vass to its ‘Office of Soundwaves’

Kyle Vass joins as our new Minister of Soundwaves, responsible for championing the best possible soundwaves on the site.

Kyle Vass of Huntington, is joining the WestVirginiaVille Council as a Minister in the Office of Soundwaves. He’ll offer insights on the best reported soundwaves to feature across the site and in collaboration with other media outlets and producers who deal in excellent soundwaves.

Kyle’s introduction to his work and outlook

My whole life I’ve been obsessed with two things: people and power. I like people of all sorts, but I’m always drawn to the oddballs—people doing unusual things. As for power, I tend to hone in acts of exploitation. Given my curiosity for people and power it’s no surprise I ended up doing journalism. And yet, I have no degree in journalism. No “minimum two years daily newsroom experience.” That being said, I think being from West Virginia gives you at least a bachelor’s degree in understanding both strange people and exploitation.

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Also, I attended Transom (aspiring audio journalists, inquire within) and it changed my life. People like Rob Rosenthal, Jay Allison, Ira Glass and various other public radio juggernauts warped my fragile little mind. If we ever talk face to face, there’s an 86% chance I’m contemplating how I can get a story out of you and onto the airwaves.  When I’m not trying to weave sounds and voices together for the radio, I can be found snooping in the proverbial dirt of the organizations and industries that run West Virginia. I’ll be launching “Dragline” in July. Sign up to receive accountability journalism stories throughout Appalachia.

Some audio pieces by Kyle:


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