CHARACTERS: The day you come to work and the day is all about you

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The news is filled with the news of bigshots, bigwigs, big crimes and big messes. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of people go to work, do their job with a smile and go home and nobody ever reports on their day. Frances Buzzard, a custodian at Belle Elementary in Belle, W.Va., had quite a day a few weeks ago. The hunger for stories about decent, kind people was perhaps underscored in the Facebook reaction to this video and story: at last count, it had been viewed on Facebook close to 80,000 times, shared more than 1,000 times and with more than 200 comments on the Charleston Gazette-Mail’s Facebook page. And here’s the thing: of those more than 200 comments, not a single one was snarky, mean or vile. Now, that’s news.

Here is the companion Gazette-Mail story to the video above:

Frances Buzzard — a k a ‘Miss Frances — looks like a queen amid a kingdom of kids as her school surprised the custodian with a 77th birthday party celebration in cafeteria of the belle Elementary school in Bell, W.Va. | Charleston Gazette-Mail photo by CHRIS DORST

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