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It is a little known fact that were you to rotate the state of West Virginia 45-degrees to the right you will get a caricature artist’s version of the profile of Richard Nixon. We are hearing a lot more about Richard Nixon since, oh, Jan. 8, 2017. We will let other commentators draw their own diagrams and conclusions as to whether we have a federal government in the throes of a Watergate-calibre meltdown. Or worse. But did you also know that the daughter of Sam Dash, the forthright lawyer who led the Watergate hearings, lives in Charleston. W.Va., and is a therapist? Maybe she will let us interview her about her Dad. We could all use a little bit of therapy these days, living as we do in a state that resembles Richard Nixon, the last president to get tossed out of office on his ear. (And who was, say what you will about his dark side — and it WAS dark — was a student of history who did get a few things done before he melted down and was impeached.)

What state does Donald Trump resemble? While you ponder that, let us right-side up the map above as one of the missions of WestVirginiaVille is to archive classic and contemporary permutations and representations of the state of West Virginia. Got a map of the state to suggest? Send it our way at:


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