CHANGEMAKERS: The West Virginia Activist Archive

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FEELING HOPELESS AND HELPLESS about the future of West Virginia? You’re just not hanging out with the right people, says Michael Tierney, co-founder of the West Virginia Activist Archive. Take a listen (below) to Tierney and fellow co-founder Eric Luke Lassiter about their project in the podcast in this post, which showcases both old guard activists who have been on the front lines of social change in the Mountain State for decades, and the new guard who are planting and tending seeds of change across the state. The podcast was a companion piece of multimedia to a 02.07.17 article in the Charleston Gazette-Mail, which is excerpted below. See the whole thing at this link.

By Douglas Imbrogno | Charleston Gazette-Mail | 02.07.16

Activists tend to be active in everything but actively recording a story of the change their work leaves behind.
Enter the West Virginia Activist Archive.
“There are a lot of tremendous social change agents in West Virginia that have been doing great work for a long time, and their stories don’t tend to get captured. We wanted to catch those stories.” said Michael Tierney, himself an activist for nearly 40 years with the regional nonprofit group Step By Step and many other efforts.
Along with Luke Eric Lassiter, Tierney is co-teaching the graduate seminar “West Virginia Activists: Stories of Social Change,” through the Marshall University Graduate Humanities Program at Marshall’s Graduate College/South Charleston Campus…
“If you really want a sense of joy in your life, hang out with people who are trying to make a difference. Hanging out in a social movement is much more exciting than a lot of the alternatives,” Tierney said. | READ ON

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