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Monastery Nights: The Monk’s Old Outhouse

October 28, 2012


What happens when you find the monk’s old outhouse has not been used for years in the West Virginia woods? A new chapter of ‘Monastery Nights.’

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Monastery Nights: All Is Not Lost, After All

January 17, 2012


All I want to do is sit in the angled sun that pierces through the trees. I want to write something about today’s lunch at the monastery, which was personal in more ways than one.

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Monastery Nights: Just Breathe It

November 27, 2011

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I hear a harp playing. A lovely harp-tastic chord strummed over and over again. Have I died in the night? Is there indeed an angelic host, a Top 40 Angelic Harp Band, which greets you at the gates of Heaven?

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Monastery Nights: The Good Friend

October 26, 2011

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If my moods had had their own meteorologist, the weather report would have been regular squalls of anger and whats-the-point-anyway despair followed by thunderstorms of self-pity and flash floods of fecklessness.

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Monastery Nights: The Karma of Moths

October 20, 2011

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“Monastery Nights” is an Occasional Memoir of Visits to the Bhavana Society Buddhist Monastery in West Virginia and Encounters with Abbot Bhante Gunaratana. See new excerpts each Thursday on WestVirginiaVille.com.

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