The Karan a GoGo Show, Episode 1, ‘How We Roll’

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Welcome to the debut episode of ‘The Karan á GoGo Show,’ titled ‘How We Roll,’ featuring the daily adventures and encounters of Karan Ireland of Charleston, W.Va., one of the semi-upstanding charter citizens of the Commonwealth of WestVirginiaVille. The show is an experiment of sorts in hyperlocal webcasting. Let us know what you think. Now, a few words from our show host.

Karan, um... Trudy Cups. Ready to roll.

By Karan Ireland | So, I have this blog called Karan a GoGo. When I started it, the idea was to sort of “vlog” my way through my days because I was always going somewhere and doing something.  I was lucky to find myself having interesting experiences and conversations a lot of the time.  But, because I was always so busy, I eventually forgot about my little blog.

Internet stardom has continued to elude me.  Until now. Maybe.

In the spirit of my idol, Madonna, and her iconic film “Truth or Dare,” I’ve decided that – really – if I’m not obsessively documenting my life, then I’m not really living. So, I’m going to pick up my tiny video camera again. That way, anyone who wants to can see me get my ass handed to me in roller derby, can watch as I mingle with the glitterati in my hometown of Charleston, West Virginia. They may even get to catch a glimpse of my beautiful, sweet children transforming into surly, know-it-all tweenagers. Surely my complete ineptitude as a parent is good for a laugh or two…

I hope that you’ll give my little show a chance. This first episode is similar to other pilot episodes in that the producer, director, videographer, and cast (me, me, me, and me) – with some advice and Final Cut Express video mojo from WestVirginiaVille elder-in-chief Douglas Imbrogno – are just getting a feel for this thing.  Bear with us (me) as we grow into ‘The Karan á GoGo Show.”


Episode 1: NOTES

This episode was recorded at the end of practice for the Chemical Valley Roller Girls one night. I mentioned to Genevieve (my daughter and director of photography) that the roller derby I remembered from TV was different because it was “flashy… with a bunch of knocking people down”.  Well, it’s true that the derby that I remember seeing on TV as a girl was different.  But, the knocking people down stuff – there’s a ton of that in modern roller derby.  Also, when you see some of the ’boutfits’ that rollergirls wear, you might agree that there is still plenty of “flash.” [EDITOR’S NOTE: Roller derby matches are not called matches, but ’bouts.’]

Also, I want to mention that when Genevieve was secretly recording us skating, we were actually staying late after a three-hour practice.  (three HOURS!)  Some of the veteran skaters agreed to stay and help some of us fresh meat work on our pace lines.  Dedication and generosity?

That’s just how we… roll.

And, lastly, I want to mention that I looked super-cute at the yard sale, but somehow didn’t record my entire outfit which consisted of over-the-knee Social Distortion socks and pink, suede platform shoes.

Oh, well… I’ll remember next time!

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Karan-a-go-go needs a West Virginia flag and voice coach

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Blogger challenger Karan-a-go-go

We regret – and are pleased – to inform our readership that Karan-a-Go-Go has failed in the bold challenge she made to WestVirginiaVille  a couple of weeks ago. Why are we happy about her failure to meet the goal of blogging for 30 days straight, so as to get her blogging mojo back, using the flagship of WestVirginiaVille to bust a move into blogging discipline? Are we, in fact, heartless new media mentors, cackling at the failures (‘Hoo-hoo! You call that blogging?!’) of those we see in the rear-view mirror, trying to catch up in the cruel, crowded lanes of the Blogging Autobahn?

No, sir, no, ma’am. This below is why we are happy she – momentarily – failed in her quest (she’s back to daily blogging). You see, the contractual terms of her challenge called for the following fabulous result should she quaver in her circadian blogging rhythm. Karan wrote:

… In order to reestablish some kind of healthy blogging habit, I’m challenging myself to a 30-day blogathon.

Hear ye, hear ye:

I will post something to Karan A GoGo everyday for a month or I will- I will… Wait.  Let me think…
I could shave my head a la Britney.


Or, my eyebrows like Bob Geldof in the Wall?  But, I’m too afraid I’d end up looking like my 7th grade home ec teacher if I did that.

Hmmm… What if I were to enlist the videographers at WestVirginiaVille to feature a webcast of me singing Country Roads from the steps of the WV State Capitol, wrapped only in the State flag, should I fail to update daily?

Yep, I think that’s the answer. It’s a win-win.  It would be attention-getting, which – of course – I like.  (Plus, maybe it’s even illegal to do that!  That would be awesome!)  And, you’d get to hear me sing!  (And by “you”, I mean you, Evil Twin’s Wife!)

Don’t worry, you’ll never have to see it, though.  As God is my witness, I will never not blog again!!

Yes, in fact. We will get to see Karan-a-go-go sing “Country Roads” on the steps of the West Virginia State Capitol. Wrapped only in the state flag. And, yes, that’s probably illegal. Maybe we will allow a body stocking, just to be safe from her and our videographer spending a night in the hoosegow, hoping that ‘Montani, Semperi, Liberi’ will cover one’s privates from the rheumy-eyed hobo across the cell.

Stay tuned ….


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