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On Talking Dirty to Plants and Prostitution

July 22, 2011


Checking in with former prostitute and porn star and current eco-sexual activist Annie Sprinkle on her New York Times Book Review of Chester Brown’s “Paying for It: A Comic-Strip Memoir About Being a John.”

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When Comic Legend Harvey Pekar Met West Virginia

May 20, 2011

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Huntington, West Virginia stars in one of Harvey Pekar’s final books in his lifelong project of chronicling the average moments in an average – if rumpled and depressed and obsessive-compulsive – guy’s life.

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Once banned, Lee Maynard tells his fictional life

October 9, 2009

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A quote by Meredith Sue Willis offers a sense of how Lee Maynard’s writing gets to people: “I ask myself: Why is this foul-mouthed, sexist, scatological, hillbilly-stereotyping novel one of my all-time favorites?”

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