The cicadas are coming, the cicadas are coming…

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UPDATE: After posting the item below,  I was pointed to an article that quoted the W.Va. Agriculture Commissioner, noting that West Virginia will not be part of this year’s 17-year-cicada brood.  Stand down, tinnitus sufferers.  But still, check out the video for what they’ll sound like in surrounding states — and part of the din that will be coming in 2016 to WestVirginiaVille. | douglas imbrogno

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Get ready. The cicadas are coming, HuffPo reports:

If you live on the East Coast between Georgia and Connecticut, get ready for the air to be filled with billions of large, buzzing insects known as cicadas, a massive brood of which have been feeding on roots underground for the past 17 years — all in preparation for this one moment.

A small number of the “Brood II” cicadas, which are one of seven different species of the insect, have already begun emerging in some eastern states, according to, a website run by John Cooley, a cicada expert and research scientist at the University of Connecticut.

By the end of May, the inch-and-a-half-long insects will come out in full force, swarming in massive, noisy clouds up and down the eastern seaboard, reports CBS New York. | Read on

Here is what a smaller brood sounded like last time they showed up in force around these parts in WestVirginiaVille. This is a slideshow and story I did for the Charleston Gazette along with Mary Kay McFarland in June 17, 2008. Take a look and a listen at the return of the  periodic cicada to the hills and hollers around Charleston, West Virginia. They’re just looking for love while making a racket, says Cabell County Extension Agent John Marra:

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  1. Noisy, but otherwise harmless.