Modding my iPhone in 60 Seconds

May 17, 2013 by

I am one of the founding anchors for the Digiso network in Charleston, W.Va. We have been working up a new web program that showcases the varied work and skills of all the anchors. But the challenge was to keep our regular updates to one minute. I just barely made it, borrowing a few extra seconds for the credits. This was made in Final Cut Pro 10.0.8, to illustrate some of the many filters from the ecosystem of FCPX add-ons that is growing up around the program fast. The soundtrack is by that master of electronic sound, The Flow, who I know really well. Check the video out and then the Flow’s Soundcloud page.




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  1. Now you’re a member of the Mod Squad.

  2. admin

    I always wanted to be Clarence. With the obvious difficulties that came along with that.