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January 26, 2013

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I deal in words a lot. I work at a place I call the Paragraph Factory. I get tired of words. When my head gets weary of trying to make sense with them, I turn to pictures. Photographs activate a different neighborhood in the cerebral cortex. (And if they don’t, I hereby declare they do.) Because when trying to string words coherently or creatively seems out of the question, I start riffling through the thousands of photos in the ever-growing heap of them in my iPhoto folders. This is, after all, a blog devoted to ‘a Life in the Hills.’ What follows are some images I’ve snapped from within — and without — these hills. Pictures are a welcome diversion from the industrial hum and jostle of language, which so often fails to communicate, mis-communicates, distorts or manipulates. Pictures do that, too, of course. On the other hand, they are their own separate set of truths, however much one’s eye has been directed, or, indeed, manipulated by the frame picked by the shooter. All that said, here are some snapshots from my shooter’s eye, moving about the stations of daily life.

All photos by Douglas Imbrogno. | click photos to view on a black background
Creative Commons License photos by douglas imbrogno
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Clay Center figurines | Charleston, W.Va. | photo


The human organism, set against the amoebic patterns in the floor of great hall of the Clay Center in Charleston, W.Va., shot from a balcony overhead.

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A bloom of scattered blossoms | Charleston, W.Va. | photo


A snowdrift of Spring blossoms collects besides the berm of a sidewalk along Virginia Street in West Virginia’s capital city.

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Skywriting. | In the skies above Cabell County, West Virginia | photo


West Virginia, for all its faults and frustrations, constantly revives the eye with its vistas, landscapes and skies. A pilot divides the overhead world for just a moment into this and that.

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DC Metro receding perspective | Washington, D.C. | photo


On our way to President Barack Obama’s second inauguration, taking a second to document the quilted lines of the DC Metro.

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South Charleston Indian Mound at dusk. | photo


The pixilation comes from shooting with an iPhone at dusk, but the pleasant eeriness remains in this portrait of an ancient American Indian burial mound in downtown South Charleston, W.Va. I head to the top of this mound sometimes to be alone in the midst of the city.

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A great tree of Los Angeles. | photo


The roots of a magnificent great tree I encountered in Los Angeles right down the road from the University of Southern California campus, during a week-long digital entrepreneur workshop I attended a couple summers ago.

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Horse patrol, Obama inauguration 2013 | photo


High-tech security and surveillance were no doubt everywhere going on at the second inauguration of President Barack Obama, January 2013. I preferred the low-tech sort, the kind fed on oats.

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Evendale flower of Spring. | photo


A simple photo of a simple bloom, caught on a Spring day a block from the house where my parents used to live in Evendale, Ohio, now home to my brother and his wife.

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Self-portrait with a stone and fire-roasted Buddha. | photo


Self-portrait with Buddha, in more ways than one, me blurry, the Buddha in focus, although toasted. My son tossed this back-porch Buddha into a fire one night when a boy in a fit of boy-tosterone during a sleepover with his mates. When I expressed dismay, he apologized in a written note, offered to replace it. I accepted the apology, declined the replacement Buddha. I like my fire-roasted Buddha, who made it through the flames.

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Creative Commons License photos by douglas imbrogno
licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at


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