Scenes from a Cabaret, Old Chum

October 29, 2012

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Raymond Wallace | Third Eye Cabaret at The Cellar | photo | oct 2012

Raymond Wallace | ThirdEyeCabaret at The Cellar | photo | october 2012


Raymond Wallace, best known in Charleston, W.Va., for his work with the Leon Waters Blues Band, an hour after strolling onto stage for a few songs at ThirdEyeCabaret. “You got any fingerpicks?” he asked. No, we did not — and none in the house. Someone bring fingerpicks next time, we need some house fingerpicks. Raymond served up a helping of the blues anyway, with a borrowed guitar.  | by Douglas Imbrogno

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If you missed this past Thursday’s soft launch of ThirdEyeCabaret at The Cellar in downtown Charleston, W.Va., you missed a pretty good time. I’m just saying. You may redeem yourself and have a pretty good time, too, by coming to the next cabaret, 7 to 10 p.m. THURSDAY, Nov. 1, 2012. Guests (so far) include the triple-harmonies of the cabaret’s host band TheBrotherSisters; Charleston performing songwriter Ryan Wright, spoken word contributions by Crystal Good and Tuesday Taylor. And, um, possibly you, should we, like, tap you on the shoulder and point stageward.

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Talented (a.k.a Tiffany Finkton) | ThirdEyeCabaret at The Cellar | photo | october 2012

Talented (a.k.a Tiffany Finkton) does her thing at ThirdEyeCabaret. A little hiphop call-and-response, a little hip-hop dancing in front of the stage.

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Casey Litz | ThirdEyeCabaret at The Cellar | photo | october 2012

 Casey Litz at the Eye.
(Nobody’s calling it that yet. Be the first one!)

PLEASE NOTE: Official Third Eye Cabaret Camera Operators (OTECCO) record cabaret events for online programming and promotion. (So, if you are, like, on the lam from the Man you may want to go to a movie instead. We liked ‘Looper’ a lot). Unofficial Third Eye Cabaret Image Gathering is welcome. If you upload photos or video clips to somewhere we can nab then, let us know and we may take a look and incorporate your imagery into future ThirdEyeCabaret online shows.

Meanwhile, above are some of the kind of things you might see if you come to the cabaret.

Old chum.
(Chum-etes welcome, too.)

P.S.: OK, I promise I will never say ‘old chum,’ again.
P.S.S.: What do you think about that as a band name for some old folkies? The Old Chums. I bet it’s taken.

~ douglas imbrogno

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