The BrotherSisters invite you to Taylor Books Friday Sept. 28

Sep 21, 2012 by

Possibly except for the time I dueted for several years with Cassandra ‘Casi’ ‘Clemmie’ Null in The Clementines, the BrotherSisters is the best band I’ve ever been privileged to consort with. (Or, to please my copy editor friends: with which to consort). The band features duel guitars by myself and Albert Perrone with Marylin McKeown on percussion, and all of us on vocals. We’ve been honing our sound at various venues around West Virginia’s capital burg, and just did a set atop the Magic Mountain in southern West Virginia at the Culturefest world music shindig.

Next Friday, Sept. 28, from 7 to 9 p.m., we play our first gig at Taylor Books in Charleston. We invite, exhort and encourage you to come and hoist a double cappuccino, chardonnay or cup of Earl Gray  as we unspool our brand of triple-harmonic folk, folk-rock, nuevo folk or some other phrase that will hit me late at night while lying in bed, staring at the ceiling. Sometimes we do what Captain Tim of the Captain Lazerblast Band dubs “that hippie sh*t” —  electronica doodlings and noodlings. The Taylor gig is a return home for me as it was the site of several jam-packed Clementines shows and one of the first places I played out as a performer when I first started playing out in Charleston.

I’d send you to the band’s web site, but it’s in serious need of updating. So, give me some time to get to it. Meanwhile, get to Taylor’s. Would love to have your ears there.

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Photo credit | Kuyler McComas