10 Variations on Fireworks Exploding Over the W.Va. Capitol

Sep 16, 2012 by

A few weeks back, I was walking out of Bluegrass Kitchen restaurant on Washington Street in Charleston, W.Va. The sky began erupting overtop the dome of the W.Va. State Capitol Building down the street. I whipped out my iPhone and caught the last ten seconds of what turned out to be the capstone to a Southern Leadership Conference shindig at the state capitol. So, like, what do you do with ten seconds of fireworks over the state’s gold dome? I have been checking out the various filters in Final Cut Pro X. So, hey, let’s check some of them out, fireworks-style. Vote for your filter favorite. Snowflake’s mine.

Screen shot from video.

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  1. Looks like Wendys had a blowout in the kitchen that went up the chimney.

  2. admin

    Either that ir the egos of all the state politicos beneath the Capitol Dome suddenly spontaneously combusted in a chain reaction, Ron.

  3. Julie

    Crazy cool…What a fun diversion. Loved the snowflake.