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VIDEO: “Leap of Faith: Tiffany ‘Talented’ Finkton Jumps for a Dream
FORMAT: Shot with Panasonic GH2, edited in Final Cut Pro X.
FOR: Charleston Gazette Companion Video

Here’s a recent video profile which accompanied an Aug. 13, 2012 article I wrote for the Charleston Gazette, on a young, multifaceted entrepreneur in West Virginia’s capital city, Tiffany Finkton. Tiffany, who goes by ‘Talented’ when performing as a hip hop dancer, recently leapt from her job at Best Buy into a mix of business possibilities, including her Social and Digital Mediation consulting outfit. She has placed a bet on what has got to be a growing field. That is to say: “Someone help me keep up to speed on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linked In and whatever the hell social media we’re supposed to stay abreast of next!” (Or should I say “of which we should stay abreast” for grammar nazis?)

Tiffany’s got it going on — several things going on, in fact.  A newsroom colleague told me he liked the video, but didn’t like the editing technique used at one point,  in which her head is framed against a white wall as she tells of her first hip-hop dance battle. I kind of like the technique  — hard, jump-cut transitions between takes of her story. For anyone who edits videos or is a close observer of digitalia, this is an issue when editing a video from a single long take, in which different  interview segment are spliced together. I’ve tried different things, as you may see on my YouTube page. But I’ve not been satisfied with the ‘fade-to-black’ transition between takes. See what you think. Below is the companion article.

P.S. The Soundtrack is “Master Plan,” by The Flow. Who has also has it going on. Also, my boy. Check him out on Soundcloud.

Tiffany Finkton.

By Douglas Imbrogno | Charleston Gazette | Aug. 13, 2012

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A few weeks ago, Tiffany Finkton gave a talk on a subject for which she might be Exhibit A: the art of balancing multiple lives.

Her talk was hosted by Digiso, a multimedia collaborative located in West Virginia State University’s Economic Development Center at 1506 Kanawha Blvd. W.

About two weeks later, Finkton — one of the founding Digiso “anchors” — was back at the center with a launch party for her new company, Social and Digital Mediation, a consulting firm for the social-media-powered age.

All that is in addition to her existing outfit, the Talented Entertainment Group, which showcases her skills as Tiffany “Talented” Finkton, a hip-hop dancer and teacher, songwriter and music producer.

So, what’s her main focus: performing or running a business? Try both.

“I’m just here to make a difference — that’s in both categories,” says Finkton, a seasoned hip-hop dancer and dance battle veteran who you’d be wary to challenge in battle unless you have your best game on.

“A lot of time people say let’s make a business on this creative side. The business side, I want to make a difference too,” she said. “There are far too many people afraid of technology, afraid of social media.” … | Read rest of article

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