Duet for Musical Saw and Guitar. Plus, Some Animals

May 6, 2012 by

In order to cope with the trauma of turning 55 this May, I asked a bunch of players and pals to come to The Cellar in downtown Charleston, W.Va., on May 2, the day after the day — 55 turns of the Earth ago — I checked in. I was more focused on playing music, listening to music and greeting the good friends who came than on my usual task of hoisting a video camera.

But then I heard a musical saw playing. And it’s just not that often in this mortal coil you hear a musical saw playing. Especially a folk-rock musical saw, matched to a flaming gypsy-style guitar. So, I flicked on my iPhone camera. Later, I pulled the footage into Final Cut Pro X, where I am still poking around and learning new filters. And, well, see for yourselves.

Hence, in Episode 3 of WVTV, the web channel of WestVirginiaVille.com, we introduce the debut of Third Eye Cabaret w/Saw at The Cellar (‘Like’ the WestVirginiaVille Facebook page or The Cellar Facebook page for news of future cabarets). Manning the saw — if that’s what one does with a musical saw — is Mike Waldeck Jr., and on gypsy guitar is Christopher Harris. The two are bandmates in one of West Virginia’s more interesting bands, Qiet. Mike also plays accordion, homemade electronics and the phonometrician (which I really should ask him what that is next I see him).

The second segment in this WVTV episode is a series of up-close video ganders at animals I have met in travels around the state. Nice animals. The rooster and his backyard friends were shot while on a Charleston Gazette assignment, profiling the tiny town where Robert C. Byrd was born: Sophia, W.Va. I ran into the horses coming over a mountain in Hampshire County. This segment is part of my belief that the feng shui of YouTube videos should include ambient outdoor noise from the great outdoors of places full of the outdoors — like wild & wonderful West Virginia. | douglas imbrogno

PS: It’s always a crapshoot which image YouTube throws up for a thumbnail for a new video (it grabs them algorithmically from three different locales in the video). I really like the moment it picked for this one.

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  1. Michelle

    Cool! Please tell Mike Waldeck Jr. that he is invited to play his saw at the NYC Musical Saw Festival. He can contact the festival through http://www.MusicalSawFestival.org for info and an official invitation.
    Thank you!

  2. admin

    Done. And good luck finding a Musical Saw sugar-daddy for 2013.