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Word of the Day: in·ter·loc·u·tor [in-ter-lok-yuh-ter] noun
1. a person who takes part in a conversation or dialogue.
2. the man in the middle of the line of performers in a minstrel troupe, who acts as the announcer and banters with the end men.
3. a person who questions; interrogator (from dictionary.com)

I have been a poor interlocutor of late in maintaining this, the official publication of the free state of the Commonwealth of WestVirginiaVille. Partly, I have been focusing on this other project, rehearsing, revising, crafting and honing the sound of The BrotherSisters, with my fellow brother, Albert, and guest sister, Marylin. I am also moving towards the launch of TheWebTheater, an experiment in multimedia online (and real-world) storytelling and production. Watch for the first outliers of WebTheater tales to come via Digiso, a new media collaborative based in Charleston, W.Va., full of confréres with much talent and mojo and a highly cool workspace, to boot.

Partly also, I have stepped back into the shadowed eaves of the actual woods, idling my Facebook account starting March 1 — and finding that I enjoy the lowered digital volume in the headset of my life.

On the other hand, I am still shooting video, taking notes, eyeing things. Trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow old. I have also been trying to do some slightly more intensive — and intense writing — than a FB status update. Witness one of the fruits of that effort sometime soon over at Elizabeth Gaucher’s “Esse Diem” blog, where a piece I wrote from one of the less pleasant nights of childhood existence is part of her “Essays on Childhood 2012” series.

Meanwhile, I continue to play with the Mac video editing program Final Cut Pro and video scenarios. Here’s a new episode of  WVTV, broadcast channel of WestVirginiaVille.com. Kick the video into gear to view the debut of the occasional hyper-short walkabout series, ‘Out & About: West Virginia,’ a less-than-two-minute-long program for the Short-Attention Span Age. | douglas imbrogno


WVTV, Episode 1: Outside Coffee and Knitwear Graffiti

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  1. Your essay is stunning. I will give you a heads up before it posts, it will an early one.