The Encyclopedic ‘Country Roads’ Video Compendium: Part 3

Mar 1, 2012 by

THE VERSION: John Denver and Johny Cash
This is possibly the crappiest YouTube video WestVirginiaVille has ever recommended. But as part of WestVirginiaVille’s occasional ongoing quest for the oddest, most notable, most psychotronic video versions of “Country Roads,” herewith a charming duet between Denver and  Cash from their helmet hair days. Denver cedes the melody that he usually sang on the chorus to Cash’s gut-bucket bass and sings harmony instead. This must be a recording off the screen from a TV special. We learn a little Cash family history, about how rare it was to hear recorded music on the Arkansas cotton farm where Johnny was raised. They had a battery-operated radio, but demand for it was high in the family, Cash tells Denver: “We didn’t have the electricity when I was a kid. I got to play it a little bit. You know, we’d have to turn it off pretty early in the day, though, to save the battery so Daddy could hear the news at night …”
THE COMMENTARIAT (from YouTube comments):
— “A great example of JD’s harmonizing abilities!!” Thanks for sharing! (gingerfoust)
— “My favorite artists of all time, together.” (verwerkisleuk)
— “This song helped me get through Basic Training… marching down those dusty old range roads… Wonderful to see this performance by two American greats. (eppsdelta)

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