Getting to the Heart of the Matter After All These Years

Feb 15, 2012 by

As a video feature producer for a print newspaper, I never quite know if readers of the newspaper make it into the back sections¬† of the Charleston Gazette¬† website to find the videos I create, which sit atop the web versions of print stories. Hence, if you missed this one, or live in Xalapa, Mexico (where my imaginary Facebook self lives) and don’t read the Gazette, here’s a reminder that when you grow old you don’t need to grow un-funny. Or un-sweet. Below is a dollop of the companion story by my colleague, Julie Robinson. I thought a group interview with eight couples would be unwieldy. I was un-correct.

By Julie Robinson | Charleston Gazette | Feb. 11, 2012

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Cupid’s aim was true when he targeted eight Charleston couples who will renew their wedding vows Tuesday on Valentine’s Day at Edgewood Summit.

Among them they represent 320 years in their current marriages. Some married young during World War II, others remarried later in life after a spouse’s death. One 40-year marriage is a second after both suffered through painful divorces.

They laughed and finished each other’s sentences as they shared the love stories they’d forged in good times and bad. For better, or for worse.

Here are their stories | Read On

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