A Somewhat Famous Cat Poses For Her Fans

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'Yeah, yeah, I'm famous," says Tabitha Imbrogno McKeown. "Can I have a kitty treat?!'

Here is a rare photo of a cat posing with the article that brought her a degree of fame in certain corners of the State of WestVirginiaVille. That would be Tabitha, featured in a Dec. 29, 2011 Charleston Gazette article that I wrote, “When Cat Meets Housecat Meets Husband,” which was a rewrite of a blogpost originally published here, about Tab’s unfortunate encounter with a skunk. And my unfortunate encounter with de-skunking Tabitha.

The piece is also an authoritative account, backed with at least 10-15 minutes of Internet research, of how to de-odorize your skunked housepet. Although, if you read the comments to the article or the original blogpost you will note that several folks took issue with my dismissal of tomato juice as an effective skunk-canceling substance. Have at it, but do beware the tinting qualities of both tomato juice AND the chemical concoction described in the article. Tabitha is now a bit of a red-head…. well, a red-back. Below is a snippet of the article:

By Douglas Imbrogno | Of the many texts I have received since the Dawn of Texting, one of the least welcome texts of all showed up on my iPhone at exactly 7:19 p.m., Tuesday, July 12. It was from my wife back home and said:

“We think Tabs was sprayed by a skunk. Guess who gets 2 help soak her in tomato juice”

It helped that I had just wrapped up a session of the Meditation Circle of Charleston at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. I recommend thirty minutes of meditation in advance of giving a tomato juice bath to a cat. Namely Tabitha the Cat – now reeking seriously of  skunk.

A shot of George Dickel would be good, too.

I arrived home a bit later to the ominous sight of two large cans of tomato juice sitting on the porch. It was a clear telegram from my wife that apparently there is a sub-clause in the marriage contract that I was unfamiliar with and which states: ‘In case of domestic encounters involving skunks and housecats, the groom and not the bride, will be responsible for the cat tomato-juice bath which follows…’

Tabitha, it should be noted, is of the Zen School of Cat Personality. Patient, mellow, unflappable – an altogether Princess of Cats, However, we are talking here of depositing a stinking feline into a vat of tomato juice and giving her a head-to-paw rubdown. This couldn’t be good … | Read on

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