Six Variations on a Curve in the Road

Dec 19, 2011 by


Curve in the Road, 1 : : treated photographs : click bigger

I have spent my adult life
rounding curves in the road
here in West by god or so they say
Virginia. There are curves

Curve in the Road, 2

around most every curve
here. You must be aware
of where you are and what might
be there. Over on the other end

Curve in the Road, 3

of your curve, in that blind spot
between which lies your
present and what’s next. Which is
the nature of curves.

Curve in the Road , 4

Rounded badly or well, it all
depends. Will there be more curves
to come, or is this the final
curve? So it’s wise to have

Curve in the Road, 5

high facility in curves as,
you know, there are so many.
And they keep on coming.
It’s safe to say life is one curve

Curve in the Road, 6

after another. And here in my state of
curves, a few more than is common for
you in less curvy climes. Though I daresay
your days go no more straight than ours.

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