Still Life with Lines, Leaf and West Virginia Water

Nov 21, 2011 by


Seneca Rocks Bridge Railing : douglas imbrogno : click bigger

Crossing west to east, &
east to west across
the swooping West Virginia hills

a respite along the way,
a watery pilgrimage
I always make is to stroll

to the midst of the arching bridge
cross the South Branch of the
Potomac River at Seneca Rocks.

Listen to the river,
its duet with all those rocks.
Sometimes, way up on the face

of the Rocks, you see ant-size
climbers, pitting their
lives against the sheer wall.

Not for me. I pit my life elsewhere.
But no one crawls the rockface today
far as I can see this chill

November day. I look at
other things. The light.
The rail. That leaf.

Leaf Examination : Seneca Rocks Bridge : douglas imbrogno : click bigger


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1 Comment

  1. Dave

    I have photographed Seneca Rocks and environs a number of times. Next time I will check out the bridge.