I Got Nuts, Beef, Candy

Nov 2, 2011 by


text & photos by douglas imbrogno ~ click photos to enlarge.

Some nights, I drag home from the office
with all good intentions. I’ll finally write
that piece about my thoughts on Occupy
Whatever. For I certainly think the system’s
all f**ked up. But then,

my laptop warming up my lap,
stringing words, oh so serious
words, is the last thing this brain
can gather up the gumption to
do. I got nothin’. I got pictures.


Nutes, Beef, Candy ~ windshield shot, I-64 ~ westvirginiaville.com, 2011


Pictures I can do. I know I should
be posting breathless, timeless prose
to get those juicy hits. To get political
(that’s always up the hit count). And
I will. I promise, I will, for after all


Lori Under Lights at Bruno’s ~ westvirginiaville.com, 2011


the system’s really all f**ked up. On
the other hand, we also live this other
life, our daily life. Filled with trucks
that pass us on the interstate,
flashing long-haul haiku, like


Grass in the Dark ~ Magic Mountain ~ westvirginiaville.com, 2011


‘Nuts, beef, candy,’ Which is a sort of
truth. Then, I open up the vault of
iPhoto archives and see my friends. And
they’re a kind of poetry, too. Standing
in a pool room, the night we played


Open Door Invitation ~ westvirginiaville.com, 2011


that show at Bruno’s. For instance.
Or late, so late it was almost morning,
at this year’s to-do on the Magic Mountain
we oh so love. Grass lit up post-midnight
looks just like a field of emeralds.


Things I Carried ~ westvirginiaville.com, 2011


Or this place I go high up in the hills
when I am sick of all of you, the news
and me. There’s this hut where
I may hide awhile should the aliens come.
Or the revolution. Or this shot of what I carried


Line in the Sky ~ westvirginiaville.com, 2011


on my person when I left my daily life
this Fall, went into a kuti for a
week and sat on cushions before each dawn.
Trying to hear more than my loquacious
bickering pigeonholing brain. But


All Aboard Huntington ~ westvirginiaville.com, 2011


now I’m back.
And all things considered, I’d rather
draw a line upon the sky. Or
like this guy, just sit upon
a train. Going nowhere.


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  1. admin

    Thanks, dear Jill. Been following your recent heartening updates at your blog. Much love.

  2. gary r.

    You poet’s soul is showing…lovely.

  3. feckin last lines are like an empty cup when you’re really thirsty.

  4. admin

    Hmmm, that sounds like a bad thing. Sometimes it’s good to stop and go nowhere. I torture myself with wanting to get so fast to somewhere.

  5. admin

    Or as they say: ‘Don’t do something. Just sit there.’