Three Republican Presidential Campaign Alternative Sights

Oct 19, 2011 by

Windowful of Flowers | 2011 | Grace Imbrogno McKeown

I made the mistake of spending an hour prowling around the news and punditocracy sites today and ended up thoroughly dispirited with the future of America. I give us 15 years, max, before the Chinese shut us down and reorganize us into a massive flip-flop factory. Never, ever read all the summary roundups and commentary on the current debating points of the Republican presidential stiffs. Or, as Kevin Drum, notes, in a post titled “The GOP Campaign Against a Man Who Doesn’t Exist”:

The entire Republican campaign so far has been like this. It’s not enough to oppose the stuff that Obama has actually done, even though there’s plenty of it. You also have to oppose things he hasn’t done (apology tours, debasing the dollar), things you’re sure he wants to do if you take your eyes off him for even a second (raising taxes, selling out Israel), and things that you’ve just made up out of nowhere (taking away your guns, instituting Sharia law). It really makes for an Alice-in-Wonderland campaign season.

In order to re-direct my attention, I decided to gaze at some pictures of flowers, cats and rainbows. The first two photos are by my daughter. They feature some fresh flowers in a Blenko vase (above) and Gizmo the Gadget (below), whom I offer up as an alternative to the presidential campaign of Inkblot, Kevin Drum’s cat. I think Gizmo’s jaw has as much of a presidential demeanor as Rick Perry’s, plus Gizmo doesn’t pander to her base (though she does lick her base, if you know what I mean).

Gizmo for President | 2011 | Grace Imbrogno McKeown

The rainbow appeared before me while driving into Hampshire County, West Virginia, while headed to the week-long meditation retreat that shut down this blog for a bit. It seemed like a good omen, arcing like the St. Louis Arch, horizon to horizon. So, I got out and recorded it, since, after all, full-bow rainbows are as rare as reality-based Republican presidential candidates.

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Hampshire Co. Rainbow | still image from video | 2011 | Douglas Imbrogno


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