Segway-ing through the West Virginia Hills

August 2, 2011


This looks like fun. In the July 31, 2011 Sunday Gazette-Mail, Rick Steelhammer and Kenny Kemp did a story on the new raft of seven Segways now available for use on the trails of the Stonewall Resort in Roanoake, W.Va. Only, the video footage they shot got missplaced for a couple days. Found! So, I did this quickie video from the footage Rick and Kenny shot of the Segway class, followed by Rick tooling around the resort’s grounds and trails with his fellow Segway-mates. From the new YouTube page of the Charleston Gazette:

The individualized transport of the Segway is usually associated with urban environments. But since the arrival of seven Segways at Stonewall Resort in Roanoake, W.Va., you can Segway your way through the hills and trails of the Mountain State. This Sunday Gazette-Mail video takes you through a Segway class at the resort, culminating in a dash onto trails and into the woods.

From Rick Steelhammer’s companion article:

“Everyone who has been on one of our Segways has really enjoyed the experience,” said Jennifer Nelson, who leads hourlong tours aboard the two-wheeled electric vehicles starting from Stonewall Resort’s new Roanoke Activities Plaza. “Each group of riders is a little different in how fast they pick it up, and how much they want to do …”

Read the full article at:

Want to Segway down “Country Roads”? Call the resort at 888-278-8150. Segway tours run from 50 to 70 minutes and cost $40 per person plus tax. There’s also a $3 per car day use fee. See Steelhammer’s story for more info.

Video screen shot of footage by Kenny Kemp.





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