Finally, the obligatory cat video

Aug 3, 2011 by

It was suggested by a faithful reader that every now and then it might be wise to toss in a … well, a cat video, in addition to the more Serious Stuff posted here at WestVirginiaVille. So, what do you say – an amusing cat video every now and then? These are, after all, West Virginia cats, born and bred, and so they have full animal citizenship in the commonwealth. No, we are not lowering our standards, but we are pandering to the web’s insatiable demand for cats on video. Who knew it would come to this?

An introduction: Ever since the especially-fuzzy and self-consciously cute Luna (short for Luna-tic) came into the household a year ago, the older, established cat, Gizmo, who is spotted just like a Dalmation dog , has been up-in-arms … um, paws. She grumbles, growls, hisses and generally hates on the interloping cat. Sometimes, they go into battle (especially after they’ve both had tokes of catnip). Luna can handle herself, though, and actually instigates some of the ongoing episodes seen here in Volume 1 of… ‘Cat Wars.’


Gizmo (left) and Luna, during peace time. Luna poses in her characteristic upside down 'I am really cute' pose. | click bigger


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