The Encyclopedic ‘Country Roads’ Video Compendium: Part 2

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In Part 1 of the ongoing Encyclopedic ‘Country Road’ Video Compendium, we heard from chipmunk and Malaysian line dance interpretations of the iconic West Virginia song by John Denver, Bill Danoff and Taffy Nivert, as well as Olivia Newton-John, fresh from the womb. Also, our Compendium pointed out the song’s geographical cluelessness, as well as the historical cluelessness of the Hermes House Band’s popular club version. We’re  happy to lead you even farther afield into the manifold unexpected, occasionally sonically painful or cannabis-jacked interpretations of “Country Roads” which festoon the Web. Suggest an alternative version in the comments below or here.

THE VERSION: Big-time wrestling superstar, actor and “Doctor of Thuganomics” John Cena apparently sings “Country Roads” in the ring before every one of his matches in West Virginia.
NOTES: Certainly, the most muscular version (literally) of the song ever sung. It’s also an extremely abbreviated version, in boxing shorts. Followed by what is known as a “threat display” in the animal world.
COMMENTARIAT (a sampling):
~ I was there awesome
~ That was hot;
~ oh ya im from WV it kicks your ass :D
~ Wow he sucks….Kinda makes me sad he sung a song about my state…
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THANKS TO : Jim McKay.

John "Denver" Cena


THE VERSION: Fcdeejay vs. Destino featuring The Vain Boy (Radio Edit).
NOTES: No video, just an mp3. But perhaps the finest introduction to (an adulterated version of) “Country Roads” we’ve found, spoken in a Jamaican patois (we think – we can’t find anything on the performers): “Dees is a journey into the original ‘Country Roads.’ Dees is a journey where all the party people will come together to have a lot of fun. Take my hand and I’ll take you to the place you belong. Enjoy this trip – ’cause dis’ is Heaven!”
COMMENTARIAT: Only two YouTube comments: “Love it” and the inscrutable “hey check my mail.pls.”
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THANKS TO: Amy Weinstraub.


Toots and the Maytals
Fun, but no video, just the mp3. And one of the more adulterated versions ever recorded: West Vir-who? West Jamaica?! Cool. And “… All my friends there, holding on those..”  What? Reefers? Hmmmm …
Toots and the Maytals rock! :)
~ woop woop.
~ this song makes me so proud to be jamaican.
~ Hey Toots… how’re you today…. ??? blessings great version….. One love… :)
~ this is the best version ever : ) quite possibly the best song ever.
~ My wife is from West Virginia, and she nearly killed me when she heard this. But it’s awesome!
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