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It must have been a fun music video shoot
because the cops came. It happened when Gabriel Redding and a crew from Casting Life Films crew shot the music video (above) for the new album by GABRIEL titled “Untethered,” standing on the lip of an abandoned bridge in Gassaway, W.Va. But it was all good after the deputy sheriff who arrived realized they had, like, permits and everything. The officer even commented on the video on YouTube: “I am the deputy sheriff that was called to the making of part of this video, of a complaint that there was a bunch of kids playing on the old Gassaway bridge. which was a big misunderstanding. great music video, Gabe.”

WestVirginiaVille caught up with the former Scott Depot, W.Va. resident via e-mail to talk about his current project, the 50 instruments his website notes he plays, his pop/rock sound seasoned with electronic and world sounds and his own background as a drummer with a band of brothers. That would be The Redding Brothers, now based in Nashville (the other brothers are Josiah and Micah). They’ve had some success in the wider world outside of West Virginia, opening for the likes of Lady Antebellum, Jason Aldean, Jason Mraz, Joan Jett, the Gin Blossoms, KC and the Sunshine Band, Boys Like Girls and others.

Gabriel Redding

WESTVIRGINIAVILLE:  Talk about the making of the “Untethered” music video. So, the cops really came?
GABRIEL REDDING: Yes, they did! There were a number of complaints about us, mainly because most people didn’t know we were coming, and they didn’t know we had gotten state permits to be on the bridge. However, the newly elected county commissioner was helping with the video and as soon as the deputy saw him, he knew everything was legit.

Q: You’re the drummer for the Redding Brothers, which has had quite a lot of success. Is this a side project and what are your hopes for it?
A: I don’t know if you would call it a side project or what. I have dozens of projects and I don’t really consider any of them the “Main” project and everything else “Side” projects. Everything I do is one of my life projects, and it all works for and with everything else I do. My success is the Redding Brother’s success and vice versa. As far as my hopes for the “GABRIEL” project, I plan on it becoming a nationally recognized act. “Untethered” is slated to be played on VH1 this Spring, and I believe this will be somewhat of a springboard for the project, and many other projects, including the Redding Brothers.

Q: How old are you and when did you first hit the stage to play or play out?
A: I am 24. I started performing when I was about 11. My brothers, some of our friends, and I started an a capella group and toured around Oklahoma for a bit. When I was 14, we started the Redding Brothers and things escalated from there.

Q: How did you get the overhead shots of the bridge? A crane? A helicopter? A friend who flies? And who produced it?
A: We had access to a cherry picker truck that is normally used for tree trimming. And an airplane. The video was shot by Casting Life Films, originally from Charleston, but now moved to Nashville. There were five producers, including myself, Michael Sydenstricker, Kevin Carpenter, Curtis Baskerville, Doretta Osburn and myself.


Straight out of ancient China.

Q: Your bio says you play 50 instruments – 50? What are some of the odder or more unusual ones?
A: Yes 50. :) While I mostly stick with the standard guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and the like, I am now learning French Horn, and have played the Chinese guzheng. It’s a long stringed instrument that is a member of the zither family.

Q: How has being from West Virginia either shaped, hindered or advanced your music and career?
A: I think it has been a very good thing for it! West Virginians are very loyal to their own, and I think are proud to see some of the work that I’ve done come from someone from West Virginia.

Q: Tell us something you’ve done people may not know about?
A: Hmmm…. There are a lot of things that I do or have done that I think people might find interesting, but that doesn’t mean they actually will! :) I do a lot of work with the Multiple Sclerosis Society. The Summer before last, I bicycled across the continent to raise money and awareness for them. And this Fall, I’m making the world’s largest cup of lemonade at the State Fair of West Virginia for them as well.

Gabriel Redding and band out on the bridge.

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  1. Great song, great concept! My favorite shot is Gabe dangling from a rope. I mostly worried for the guitar, can guitars swim? More WV music videos, yes!

  2. admin

    Yes, and I think we need another Heidi Muller/Bob Webb music vid. For those who have not yet seen it, here is a past music video featuring Heidi’s gorgeous song “Snowdance”: