Falling into the Fall

Oct 15, 2010 by

Blackwater Falls State Park | Photo by Chip Ellis

To view the “Autumn Snap” slideshow, click photo or right here. Once there, click on the tiny ‘four-arrows’ icon in the video toolbar to view full-screen.

We are experiencing, here in the Village of West Virginia, one of the loveliest Indian Summers in memory. The crack video and photographic team here at WestVirginiaVille Central Command (a.k.a. — me and any shooters who wish to be co-conspirator collaborators) have yet to compile a body of work documenting this Autumn of wonder – or to offer it to us. Yet an autumnal leaf is an autumnal leaf, and last year’s Fall in the Village was pretty damn colorful, too.

Therefore, WestVirginiaVille hereby points you to an Autumn slideshow you probably missed the first time given that one red leaf from last year is pretty hard to distinguish one from this year. I produced the slideshow, titled “Autumn Snap,”  for the Charleston Gazette (which is where clicking the photo above or right here will send you), gathering  favorite Fall 2009 photos by two of the Gazette’s crew of able shutterbugs, Chip Ellis and Kenny Kemp. This one goes out especially to ex-pat West Virginians and others confined in colorless concrete urban valleys or climates where trees don’t get punch-drunk on Nature’s kaleidoscopic Kool-aid. (NOTE: There is one photo – inexplicable to me now as to why I included it – of an historical marker. Pass by quickly.)

The soundtrack features the gorgeous “Westfalia Waltz” by Greg Bentle, from “The Hayslett Collection: A Musical Tribute,” CD I cannot recommend enough. It features music from classical to old-time, all played on instruments – violins, cellos and violas chiefly – hand-made by the remarkable West Virginia instrument maker Harold Hayslett, now 92. Many were made with wood harvested from West Virginia trees. With the permission of the CD’s producer, Bob Webb, I used, I think, every single track as a soundtrack for videos and slideshows produced for the Gazette, until I’d run through the CD. (Note to Bob: I need Vol. 2.)

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~ Douglas Imbrogno

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  1. kay dillon

    Nice! This WestVirginiaVille ex-pat thanks you most humbly :)