A little more of India comes to Charleston

Oct 20, 2010 by

The Charleston Gazette’s links disappear behind a library paywall after a few days, so you Indian food fanatics (we other Indian food fanatics salute you) should hurry and click this link. There, you’ll read feature writer Julie Robinson’s heartening, cumin-scented news that another Indian restaurant has opened in Charleston, this one in the old firehouse (and former locale of Sinbads) on the East End at 1604 Washington St. E., a few doors down from the Bluegrass Kitchen. Little India increases the Indian restaurant quotient in Charleston by 50 percent, joining the steady, reliable Sitar of India in downtown Charleston, W.Va. Unlike Sitar, Robinson notes, Little India features dishes from across the Indian sub-continent as she serves up a handy guide to the country’s taste zones:

Northern Indian cuisine features rich, creamy sauces and gravies using milk and yogurt, especially in vegetarian dishes. The southern coastal cuisine naturally features seafood, coconut, fresh fruits and vegetables, and the spiciest seasonings. Much rice is grown in the eastern region, where simple, steamed food and desserts are favored. Residents of the western region are largely Hindu, so vegetarian dishes with lentils are popular. The western states were Portuguese colonies, and have that influence.

Little India also features a tandoori clay oven imported from London, a separate fryer for vegetarian dishes (nice),  made-from-scratch dishes (including even the yogurt), saris as interior design and seating for 121. If you’re not hungry, don’t blame us if you are after finishing Robinson’s story. | READ ON

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