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10,000 costumes later, the Magic Makers national costume shop in Huntington, West Virginia marks 30 years in business. From being a caveman to a spaceman, the two Kens at this Huntington institution can get you fixed up. Take a visit into the sprawling upstairs costume warehouse for a look at their award-winning costumes and the sometimes odd order they get for costuming from around the world. A video story from the Sunday Gazette-Mail in Charleston, West Virginia, originally published 04.26.09. Below is an excerpt.

By Douglas Imbrogno | Sunday Gazette-Mail |

HUNTINGTON — You know you’re not in Kansas anymore when you enter a door and find 20 Easter Bunny heads, each as big and round as the bottom of a snowman, lining the floor.

“They’re not the Easter Bunny,” corrected Ken Fox, co-founder of Magic Makers Costumes at 545 Fourth Ave. “We call them the Easter Bunny’s helpers.”

Easter was two weeks away and bunny orders were multiplying like, well, bunnies. Magic Makers, bunny costume supplier to the nation, was matching heads to fuzzy white suits (pink was also an option), and shipping them as fast as Fed Ex and UPS could truck them off.

Speaking of “The Wizard of Oz,” need to connect with your inner Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, Dorothy or flying monkey? Just got named regent of a small country and need a crown and purple robe for the coronation? Want to toss your in-laws to the lions and you require a Roman centurion outfit to get in the proper mood?

For that matter, would you like to be a snowman?

Magic Makers has got you covered. Literally covered. In mid-March, the company marked 30 years in business and you’d be hard-pressed to stump these guys with a request for a costume they haven’t yet draped on someone’s head, shoulders and feet.

They’ve got 10,000 of them, after all. With a crew of seasoned seamstresses like 25-year-employee Sue Perry, they can make more … | READ ON

RELATED | Magic Makers co-owner Ken Fox harbors a king-size secret (actually, a pharoah-size one) in a back room upstairs at Magic Makers.

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